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Friday, 31 October 2014

I My Me Mine :)


Actually I don't know how to start and what to talk about. Hahaha. Okay never mind. Just want to introduce my new me ;)

My name, Nabila Binti Lizari. People usually called me Bella, Nabila and sometimes Bell. I don't mind if you wanna call me what so ever you use to call as long its good for me haha. Born on 14 April 1995. I'm 19 years old and still a baby. Haha. From Kedah and live in Jitra. I'm the eldest one and have a little sister and a little brother. Only three siblings up until now cause my mom said, its enough I got only three of you. Semua ketegaq macam mana kalau tambah lagi? Can imagine it? Hahaha :p

The Bell, got a pair of dark chocolate eyes (tak nampak sebab dalam gambar. Nak nampak boleh tengok depan depan okay). A lilttle bit 'sepet'. Got a pair of thick eyebrows just like Tiz Zaqyah's. Hahaha. Then I got a pair of chubby cheeks! (my asset lol). Also got a very 'kemek' nose (hidung kembang. Err). Dan banyak taik lalat around my face especially on my left cheek. Got such a winsome smile. Hehe. And last but not least, I got a very symmetrical teeth! See? Hahaha. Just an ordinary girl. I'm not that beautiful and pretty girl for sure. Tapi manis tu ada naaa haha :p

Berat dan tinggi biarlah rahsia. Hahaha. Nampak macam tinggi kan? Tapi kenyataannya hmm. Aku seorang yg agak kasar pada luaran, means nampak brutal. Tapi dalam hati bertaman lol. Haha. Just want to be myself. I will be what I'm supposed to be when the time is truly comes. Huhu (faham bagus tak faham sudah). I'm now Bachelor of Interior Architecture at UiTM Shah Alam within 4 years (8 semesters). Now still a baby because I'm at part 01 which is in the 1st semester. Still fresh and too long journey to go lol. So many things to learn and understand. So much mentality strength to gain to ensure that I can and will survive and go further this course. Hopefully I won't easily give up. Insyallah. To be honest, I really loves this course. Huhu. And now, I'm in love with it! ;)

Music is my language. I speak with music language fluently. Haha. Its good if you understand what I mean. I really loves music since I was a kid. My father is a musician. He plays all the music instruments like guitar, bass, acoustic guitar, drum, keyboard and others. Then I asked him to teach me how to play guitar because I interested to play it. My father didn't want to teach me otherwise he let me learn it by myself. That time I was touched and stop from dreaming to be professional guitarist since my father said that. One day he said back if you have desire to get what you wish to, struggle and go for it instead of giving up and live behind other people. Prove to them that you can do it by yourself. Then I understand what he meant. When my father practiced guitar, I sat in front of him and looked how he played. Slowly I took another guitar, I learn it without a book and pen, without knowing the notes and chords. Just learn how to press the guitar strings, which finger on which string, until my father noticed my effort then he tell me one by one the name of the chords I played just before. And finally, I did it. I can play it by myself, By looking my father wearing a smile on his face, I know that he was really proud of me. Huhu. How happy  I was that time. For the 1st time I know how to play guitar, when I was 13 years old :)

And now, during my semester breaks, I always follow my father going for a function, a big ceremony that usually held in such a hotels, resorts and so on. We performed the songs. Sometimes I played my own songs, I sang along. Just tried to gain  more experiences. Huhu. No more nervous! I can sing in front of many people now ;)

But, I only took music as only my hobby. Last time ya I had a dream to be a professional guitarist, I wanna be a superstar that people well known. Haha. But now I thought its okay if I just let it be my hobby. Because I want to focus to my future where I have to be what I really want to be, which is an architect. Tapi bila pikir balik aku nak jadi lecturer. Haha. So after degree I think I want to continue master, then being a lecturer. Huhu. Kawen lambat pun takpalaaaa :p

Last before I stop, I'm single and available! Hahahaha. Bukan taknak, tapi belum jumpa (ayat retis oh). Actually I found already someone who I thought he is such a nice and very kind hearted person. Even though sometimes he really mess up my day, gave me a bad mood, but I think with those actions he act made me feels so want to know more about him and love him! Haha (malu dohhh). Tapi aku taknak berharap sangat takot nanti menyesal tak sudah haaa. So what I have to have now is just keep waiting and pray for the best. Hopefully one day he opens his eyes and heart for me. Huhu. Dia sapa? Haaa yg tu rahsia. Haha. Tapi yg pasti, dia budak studio aku jugak! ;)

So stop here, write soon. Byebye!

thanks for reading this ! you're the best reader ;)

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