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Saturday, 1 November 2014



What a beautiful day! Sunday makes me want to talk much on this diary. Haha. So today I'm gonna talk about my studiomates. Yeahhh we're about 2 months already being the interior architecture students in UiTM Shah Alam. Lets have a look! Scrollllllllll :p

AP2471B. So friendly and happy go lucky person, each of them! Haha. Sorry for those who has been cropped especially Ame and Baini. Huhuhuhu (Instapic ni terpaksa crop sebab takda instasize) Hihi :p

This is my class rep. We called him with the short one, Mawi. Haha. Really good in speech or talk. Kind-hearted person and he is my partner in a group work :)

This picture was taken during our 1st 3D model in basic design which is COLOR project. Look how they act! Haha. Here are some more pictures. Lets scroll ;)

Our COLOR projects that has been done successfully! Huhu really proud of ourselves :D

Happy with my project. Hahaha :p

Now I'm gonna show the unforgettable pictures of us during our 1st trip to IKEA last week. Haha. Thanks to beloved lecturers who brought us there! ;)

The girls. From left, Aisya, Miza, Ain and Nabila. Hahaha. Spot me! :p

Actually tak banyak pun melawat IKEA. Tapi banyak merayau tempat lain. Hahaha. Well it supposed to be lol ;p

The guys. from left, Ame, Amirel, Azam. Also guys from another studio, Zaim, Zul and Afiq. See? They spent their time mostly at entertainment zone instead of visiting IKEA itself. Hahaha. Same goes to the girls lol :p

We got the same project which is ergonomic. Dr. Zaf said, we no need to measure or to get the scale of the space and furniture or so what ever. Just take a look around the IKEA only. Haaaa tunggu apa lagi? Selfie laaaaaa. Hahaha ;p

Lunch treat time! ;)

Eventhough we're still new meet and know each other, but we're like siblings already. 4 years to get along together, to survive, to face all the thing, problems in our studio, to live for a long period of time. We must unite! And we won't divide. Hopefully we'll keep this good relationship till the end of semester or even for the rest time. I loves my studiomates. Best of luck each of you :)

Stop here, write soon. Byebye ;)

thanks for reading this ! you're the best reader ;)

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